Red Flag

Free help during lockdown by neighbours

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You are stuck at home and need help? Wave a red flag and get help!

You may be among the frail or eldery people stuck at home during lockdown. For you, getting out while the coronavirus is spreading, is a major risk. And getting the most basic products and services, such as food, medecine or personal care, can become a nightmare. Healthier neighbours are ready to help you. Delivery service is free.

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Want to help? Become a volunteer!

You are healthy and willing to help during the coronavirus pandemic? Volunteer to deliver food, medecine or other essentials to your neighbours. Your action can make a real difference in frail and eldery people’s lives.

Become a volunteer

How does it work?


Some of our services are not available yet. We are working hard to provide more services in the near future.

Food Delivery

Get food from local supermarkets and shops delivered at your door.

Essentials Delivery

Get essential products delivered at your door, including medecine from your local pharmacy.

Medical care

Receive at home medical care. (Soon available)

Personal care

Receive at home personal care. (Soon available)

Why red flag?

Discover why the project is named Red Flag

When the lockdown started, people on social media suggested to hang red clothes at their window when they needed help. Such a thoughtful and lovely idea, isn’t it? But what if the neighbours who see the clothes can’t help? Maybe the neighbours two streets away can help, but don’t know about the clothes as they cannot see them. We are all spending plenty of time at home and, potentially, online and on social media platforms; why not create an app for reporting help requests and offers?


Stay healthy

Because helping others shouldn’t mean transmitting a virus, it is important that everyone using our service respect protective measures recommended to protect the others.

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